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The TOP Shredder is the only cheese shredder machine you need to shred & grate WHOLE BLOCKS of cheese in seconds!

The power of the TOP Shredder


Our machine will pay for itself in labor savings or reduce your costs by switching from pre-shredded to whole block.


We are proud to manufacture the Top Shredder in McHenry, IL with locally sourced custom parts that are all made in the USA.


Our machines carry a full warranty, are UL certified and NSF/EPH approved! 

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Perfect Cheese Shredding For Your Business


We are ReddyMade, builders of The Top Shredder. We have a commitment to quality and decades of experience in manufacturing & engineering. Our company manufactures cheese shredders which are REDDY for your commercial kitchen. Our machines carry a full warranty, are UL certified and NSF/EPH approved! And built with pride in the USA with parts made in the USA. We do not import parts for our machines from overseas.

If you need fresh, soft cheese shredded to perfection for your pizza or other kitchen creations, the TOP Shredder is the machine for you. Shred a whole case of cheese in less than 2 minutes!

Product Testimonials

TOP Shredder Testimonial Quotes
Adam was awesome to deal with, always responsive. The product is GREAT! We added a fully automatic attachment to our previous cheese hog (the original company) and opted for a brand new floor model automatic unit as well. We're honestly shredding 100% whole milk mozzarella blocks in 3-5 seconds. The units are built to last. Support this new company and save labor while putting out a better product! Just today I shredded 300lbs in less than 45 minutes including unwrapping/putting away the bins!
Steve Speicher
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TOP Shredder Testimonial Quotes
Adam is the best. The machine itself is unbelievably powerful and efficient (2hp model). He was nice enough to let us trial run the machine for a few weeks as well as test out various blades. Highly recommend for any pizza shop/restaurant that needs a shredder.
Philip Panopoulos
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TOP Shredder Testimonial Quotes
We purchased this shredder last year and couldn't be happier with it. All you have to do is remove the plastic from the block of cheese. I can grind a full case in less that 3 minutes! What a time saver. Worth every penny! I highly recommend this product!
Tom Finch
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