Frequently Asked Questions

Useful Knowledge about our cheese grater designed especially for pizza kitchens and commercial kitchens that needs high cheese grating output from a commercial cheese shredder

What type of electrical is required?

  • 120V 20 AMP (1.5HP)
  • 220V single phase (2.0HP)
  • 208/230V 3 phase (2.0HP, 3.0HP & 5.0HP)

How much space does the Top Shredder take up?

The machine will be 18” in depth and 17” wide. This is the approximate footprint

How much cheese can the Top Shredder process?

The 1.5HP machine will process 25-100 pounds per minute (depending on machine configuration). For high production or maximum efficiency, our 5HP machine with a semi-auto attachment & Double Hopper will process 100+ pounds per minute

Is there a warranty?

All machines carry a 6 month full parts & labor warranty. Castings & sheet metal parts have a 2 year full replacement warranty. The electrical system & motor have a 1 year warranty

Do you provide service to the machine?

We have 24/7 toll free service. Just contact us at 224-230-7958. Machines are maintenance free so there are no oils or lubricants to change. If service is needed, we will work with you to contact a local commercial equipment repair service.

How do I order a Top Shredder?

Email or call us at 224-230-7958. We will work with you directly to get your order processed. We will provide our expertise to right-size a machine for your application. Or fill out our quote request form.

What is the difference between a manual and a semi-automatic?

The manual machines are the traditional method with the Ram Arm (standard option). All machines (except the 1.5HP 120V machine ) can be converted from a Ram Arm to a semi-automatic machine by just adding on a semi-automatic kit. The semi-auto is an air powered drop-on attachment. Note: a compressed air source ( 2+ gallon air compressor) is required and will need to be furnished by the customer.

What do I need in order to run the semi-automatic?

We suggest a 2+ gallon air compressor that is capable of 1.9 CFM. New quiet-compressor technology is the best option for compact kitchens. Our recommendation is the Makita Quiet Series (MAC210Q). These can be purchased at any local hardware store.

Do you offer financing?

There is commercial financing available. Please click on the following link or find the option on the menu bar at the top of the page.

Is the machine easy to clean?

The machine is very easy to clean. All of the food contact components come off with no tools being required. The aluminum food contact components (top & bottom hopper) will need to be hand washed while the rest of the parts are dishwasher safe. Please see the video in this link to see the disassembly and assembly process or refer to the user manual.

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