About Us

We are ReddyMade. A small, family run company that started with a driving mission to meet our customers’ needs. In 2020, a local pizza shop approached us for help in their time of desperation. At that point, there were no true commercial shredders being manufactured that could meet their demand to shred whole blocks of cheese in seconds. We took on the challenge to manufacture a refined and superior industrial cheese shredder. The machine we began to produce is a high speed, high torque, top loading cheese shredder which is known as the Top Shredder.
TOP Shredder Cheese Shredders

Introducing the TOP Shredder

Our mission for decades has been to provide unparalleled quality and durability when building commercial & industrial equipment. The Top Shredder is by far the best commercial shredder when compared to any other shredder available. This powerful, yet affordable, cheese grating machine will process 25+ pounds per minute as a base model or 100+ pounds per minute when configured with a 5HP motor and semi-automatic double hopper.
It’s easy to use, available in a variety of configurations, and fully certified for all commercial kitchens. With heavy gauge stainless steel construction and a high-power motor, the Top Shredder will provide years of use for your operation – helping boost efficiency, save time and ease workload on your staff. Created especially for pizza kitchens, the Top Shredder can handle anything you throw at it. Ready to learn more?


Our mission is to use our decades of engineering and manufacturing experience to provide you with an industrial shredder and grater that is both top in standard and top in efficiency. We put quality and design first and foremost to ensure our product is built to last and exceed your expectations.


We plan for the Top Shredder to be an integral part of the modern efficient commercial kitchen. We look forward to fostering relationships with our customers in order to meet your unique shredding needs so you can meet the demands of a changing market and workforce. Our vision is to help you achieve top level productivity with as little effort as possible.


Relationships are a key element to our success and we focus on providing individualized customer support in order to ensure that you receive our time and attention. It is the trifecta of linking quality, innovation and customer service that sets us apart. Our customer’s input is our source of innovation so please let us listen to how we can be your solution.

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