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What we are is a family run company that is engineering focused and product centric.  The TOP Shredder is a staple for any commercial kitchen that needs to grate, grind or shred cheese.  We are here to meet the needs of the people who can benefit from using this equipment   We design and manufacture these machines with locally sourced custom parts that are all made in the USA.  We put quality and design first to ensure the product is built to last and exceed our customer's expectations.

Announcing the Top Shredder

Building on our heritage of providing durable industrial equipment, we are delighted to announce the return of the best cheese shredder available. The Top Shredder is by far the best commercial shredder when compared to any other shredder available.  You can't find a better  shredder on the market and we stand behind that. This powerful, yet affordable, cheese grating machine can handle 25 lbs of cheese per minute, or more.

It’s easy to use, available in a variety of configurations, and fully certified for all commercial kitchens. With heavy gauge stainless steel construction and a high-power motor, the Top Shredder will provide years of use for your operation – helping boost efficiency, save time and ease workload on your staff. Created especially for pizza kitchens, the Top Shredder can handle anything you throw at it. Ready to learn more? Check out our Facebook page, or email us at anytime. We are always at your service. 

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